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We live longer and longer and as a result there are more and more pathological conditions that affect the independence of the elderly in their daily lives.

The most common - to a greater or lesser extent - are:

  • Invalidity
  • Alzheimer's
  • If you can no longer live independently.

It is almost certain that this can happen to all of us, ourselves or an older person for which we are responsible or for which we must take care.

At Bob Cats Insurances we have thought of everything and can therefore offer dependence insurance to our customers. This insurance offers you the best security so that you can continue to live carefree with the quality that you are always used to. For a carefree future.

Frequently asked questions / important info

Dependency insurance is an insurance product that has been specifically designed to cope with the financial costs that result from the loss of independence. It is intended for people who for various reasons, for example due to age, illness or disability, are no longer able to take care of themselves independently, either physically or mentally and therefore need help from outside and / or from other people in their daily lives.

The objective is to cover the costs needed to get help without being dependent on family or financial reserves.

It is a customized product to adjust completely to your own wishes. You choose a starting capital that covers the costs depending on when you need home care and therefore enters into dependency insurance and / or a monthly payment if the total costs have been mapped. This product guarantees the requested assistance and gives you access to an extensive range of services, some with direct access for the policyholder and some which you can find on the website of the insurance company.

We guide and give you personal advice on entering into dependency insurance and offer you package discounts.

To be concluded up to 70 years.

Coverage: with complete dependence on care
Payout: monthly payment and / or capital payment
Duration: lifetime
Premium payment: monthly, quarterly or annually until the entry into force of the dependency insurance
Premium: is calculated according to age, gender and amount of the benefit at the conclusion of the contract.
Extra coverage: access to all necessary services and services for home care
Modules monthly payment: a maximum of 5 modules of € 500, which correspond to a monthly payment of € 2,500, as long as the full dependence is in force or life-long if necessary
Modules for one-off capital payment: a maximum of 5 modules of € 2,500 which correspond to a one-off payment of € 12,500 at the start of the reliance on care.

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Request a personalized quote that is completely adapted to your situation in order to assure you of a monthly payment and / or a one-off payment of capital (and thus be able to deal with the first costs and adjustment of the loss of independence).

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